A Green building is an environmentally sustainable building, Designed, Constructed and Operated to minimize the total environmental impacts.

The main strategies to achieve a green building include:

• Reduce energy consumption
• Water Conservation
• Recycle Waste

Well Designed green buildings will save money, increase comfort and create healthier environments, for people to live and work, using improved indoor air quality, natural daylight, and thermal Comfort.

Vastu Services

Vastu advice is essential while selecting a plot, be it a residential or a commercial vastu. The selection of the land is the primary stage, hence it is very crucial. If one gets a vastu positive plot, he/she shall be able to enjoy a prosperous life. In a positive vaastu plot, the building is constructed very fast and without any hindrances whereas the negative plot first takes years to construct, it has multiple litigation and monetary problems and causes lot of health, wealth and harmony related problems in the life of owner. It is non but your vastu consultant who saves from such indecent happenings.

We Do complete Diagnosis of Premises with following Steps-

  • ★ Scientific Vastu Site analysis- interior & exterior- onsite
  • ★ Only Vastu Map Analysis- offsite / onsite
  • ★ Soil testing
  • ★ Analysis of space planning, surrounding, land and environment
  • ★ Discussions on Placements & Interiors as per Vastu
  • ★ Discussion on attitude & behavioral patterns of residents
  • ★ Energy Diagnosis Through Lecher Antenna / Dowser / Scanner
  • ★ Layout Planning according to Vastu principle/ Griha Norms
  • ★ Color Consultancy
  • ★ Give Remedies with report & Do vastu Rectification With Energy Healing, Yantras , Pujan , Pyra vastu Products etc.

Vastu Diagnosis & Rectification Sites

Vastu Audit

A vastu audit of your location will show you why each property is truly unique. Vastu audit includes analyse, diagnose, recommendations and a follow up. It also answers specific needs related to the relationship, career, business, health and studies.

A vastu audit can be made for an existing place, a remodeling house or office, buying or constructing a new house. The sooner the audit is made, the better can the result be.

For quotation of our services, please provide the following details:-

  • 1. Size of plot or premises
  • 2. Proposed layout of the site or some details on proposed side
  • 3. Details on surrounding of the site
  • 4. Photograph of the site, if available.

Vastu Rectification/ Activation Products

To Order any Element and know their Placement , Energising & Price
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Vastu Copper Pyramid

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